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Etone Technologyprovides CNC machining service for you with the machine parts your project needs, while also delivering the most competitive pricing, lead times, and instant quotation. We will manufacturability feedback to ensure that your part is optimized for the CNC turning process and fits the requirements you need leading to quick turnarounds, on-time deliveries, and minimal waste. With over 100 sets of 3,4,and 5-axis CNC machines.our unmatched capacity ensures your parts are shipped on-time, every single time.

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CNC Turning Capabilities

Parts up to 9 inches diameter and as small as 0.08 inches.

Tolerance as tight as +/- .0001 inches.

Complex parts made with multi-axis milling/turning lathes.

Able to produce turning parts, rapidly, complete in one operation.

Samples ready in as fast as 30 minutes.


CNC Milling Capabilities

Complex 5 axis machined parts up to 800mm in diameter

4 axis machined parts up to 600mm large

Tolerance as tight as +/- .005 mm, depending on geometry

Small, medium, high volume machining



We provide a variety of plastic and metal parts for machines. these include, but are not limited to: stainless steel, brass,aluminum, bronze, copper,plastic, etc.

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